Pros and Cons of Frameless Shower Enclosures

Simple, classic, time-tested designs never go out of style. That holds true for little black dresses, turkey
for Thanksgiving, Texas hospitality, and cowboy boots – as well as home design elements like frameless
and seamless shower installations.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or update your home, the top two rooms’ people want to see that
attribute to the overall perceived value of the house are the kitchen and the master bath. For already
established homes, there are obvious signs of outdated aesthetics, fixtures, and overall design that you
want to avoid. For bathrooms and showers, especially in the master bath, seeing brass metal trim
around the shower doors and enclosures indicates to potential home buyers that the key areas of the
home have not been upgraded in a while, and could therefore incur further unexpected costs.
Seeing noticeably outdated installations also triggers the fear that there may be something undesirable
lurking behind the walls – like rot from long-term leaks, bad plumbing, and more. For some buyers, the
thought of any kind of remodel or additional cost after purchase is enough to make them lose interest in
buying the home.

Other than upgrading your kitchen, the best way to add value to your home is to update your master
bathroom with a frameless and/or seamless shower installation – which will be thousands of dollars less
than a kitchen upgrade. If this is on your To-Do list, it is best to work with a designer that is familiar with
the pros and cons of upgrading bathrooms and installing frameless enclosures to avoid a leaking shower
later on.

Also, when you work within your existing shell, you won’t have to move plumbing or electrical, which
can really rack up the cost of a renovation. For simply upgrading your current shower enclosure,
compared to the value it adds to your home, the cost of a professional installation is well worth the
investment whether you plan on selling, or just want to show some love to the home you have.

Here are some Pros and Cons to consider when deciding on upgrading your shower enclosure:

Pros of upgrading your bathroom to a frameless shower enclosure:

 Frameless shower doors are cut to the custom design specs they are given. This means you can
be a lot more creative with the shape and overall appearance of your shower enclosure, versus
the traditional shower doors that are limited to the straight-forward design of the metal framed
structures already manufactured in standard sizes.
 Frameless shower installations are a classic design element that enhances the overall look of any
bathroom without appearing dated over time. This is because of the unobtrusive attachment
points for the glass, which is generally much more desirable and aesthetically pleasing than the
traditional metal framing that is only available in a current trending design, color choice, and
pre-manufactured size.
 Frameless shower installations are easier to keep clean with a quick squeegee after showers,
and anti-spot treatments for hard-water stains. This offers a much quicker cleanup than framed
shower enclosures that have a metal track and rubber seams to maintain.
 The frameless shower enclosure does not have any hidden mold dangers like the metal-framed
structure. With the metal framing, the tracks and rubber seals are potential harbingers of mold,
especially if the bathroom is not well ventilated and dried out after each shower.

Cons of upgrading your bathroom to a frameless shower enclosure:

 For optimal results, the shower head needs to be aimed at a tiled wall, not towards the glass
walls or doors. If you want a budget-friendly remodel, you will need to work with the location of
the existing plumbing fixtures and shower head. If the shower head is not already facing the
tiled walls of the enclosure, you will most likely experience leaks around the glass enclosure.
 If you have widely varying temperatures in your home, there is a rare chance that your glass
installation will shatter. There have been instances in hotels that shut off the air when the room
is not in use, and in homes where families would go away for a vacation and turn their heater or
air conditioner off, creating a huge variance in temperatures. This can expand and contract the
glass in a way that causes it to shatter.
 Frameless showers do not have rubber seals around the edges like the metal framed shower
enclosures have, which means there’s more of a chance for water to seep and splash out during
 The cost of a frameless shower installation is higher than a traditional metal-framed shower
enclosure due to the precision cuts needed, custom installation hardware, and additional labor
it takes to have it professionally installed. If a new shower is being installed in an older home,
the walls may have variations and bowing, which could incur more labor costs to fix so that the
wall is properly aligned with the glass.

If you have any questions about whether or not upgrading your current shower enclosure is the right
decision for you, give CK Glass Company a call. We are here to answer your questions about all your
glass and mirror needs as part of our classic customer service. We can also provide you with a simple and
straight-forward estimate that always includes our time-tested expertise. After all, just like a new
frameless shower enclosure, a job well done will never go out of style.