To screen, or not to screen…

…THAT is the question many homeowners are asking today. There are so many benefits to using screens that question is usually followed by ‘When is the best time to invest in screens?’ The answer is: Now!

While glass alone can help reduce your energy transmittance, in combination with new 90% screens your energy transference is unparalleled! Whether in the middle winter or the end of a Texas summer, screens are always a good idea. Make sure your home stays at the temperature YOU set it to. Don’t let the temperature outside dictate how it feels in your home.

Did we mention the return on investment? Not only will you help reduce your energy bill from the electric company but if you decide to sell your home and your screens are in good shape you can add it directly to the bottom line!

We are always here to help. If you would like a quote, please give us a call!